Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcoming fall

I think there should be a song about welcomg fall just like there is a May Day one. That only seems fare right? Well maybe I will take it upon myself to do just that. Dream a fall tune.

Today DJ and I were very busy! We enjoyed church and then came home and did some much needed house straigtening and tidying. We threw open the windows and let all that fresh air in. It is so beautiful to have that lovely warm, crisp air flaoting into your house. It feels dreamy. Just perfect. 

I was so excited to finish my fall wreath. What do you think? Don't you just love the little scarecrow fellow? That was DJ's idea and honestly, I think he makes it. So adorable. 

Besides wreath making DJ also felt up to drilling some holes so I could hang up my new window panels. he's been sick with a pretty awful cold but look!! I think hes doing better.... Don't you think? 

 It took an hour of ironing to get those cotton drapes all in order but boy did they look nice once they were hung up. Such a lovely moody colored blue. Deep, rich turqouise. Makes me so excited that everything is coming together as it should. Yay!!

What did you celebrate your first day of fall doing? 

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