Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple things

I love that one quote that says that everything starts fresh in the fall. There is something truly redeeming about that phrase. Some people, myself included enjoy having the ability to start fresh. Not just January 1st or when the spring bulbs bloom or when they hit their birthday. With fall there is a dying to all the old things and getting excited about reinventing and rejuvenating yourself over that long winter to better prapare yourself for all that lies ahead.

DJ and I took a walk around the lake that is just a few blocks away from our house the other night. Most of the time walking makes me very contemplative which can be a good or bad thing depending on what mood I'm in. I was thinking about all the changes we've under gone both personally and together as a couple this last year and it sort of blew my mind. Newly married, change of jobs (both), move to a completely different city (both), family crisis (for DJ), learning to trust in God's plan (both) and basically just trying to get accustomed to a new pace of life. I've written about changes before in my other blog and how different people handle them in different ways. I would say that we are still learning about what it is to understand God's plan and what the change factor really means and how faith corresponds with that.

So as we walked and talked and I was contemplating that and we were talking about change in ourselves I noticed this huge grouping of yellow daisies. The sun shone on them so perfectly and honestly I couldn't have been more grateful when I heard the Lord speak to my heart and say, "But I NEVER change." He is right. He doesn't. I don't know what I would do if He did. He is always constant, true, loving and worthy of praise. Thank you Father for reminding me that your love is never failing. 

Sometimes, it's the simple things that remind you that life and all its changes foesn't have to be bad or hard or scarry. It can be good and thatthey are learning opportunities God gives you to learn about yourself, Him and help other people. So instead of looking at changes as a chore I'm going to look at them as a way to better my outlook on life. Sounds much more fun. Don't you think? 

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