Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Minnesota state fair recap

As a Minnesotan one of the things you are supposed to do is attend the State Fair. Duh right? Only it took me almost 30 years to get to it since I'd never been. I know... I see your eyes rolling and hear your shocked voice. It just wasn't a priority before. I went to county fairs growing up and enjoyed those just fine. Besides, who wants to wait in line and fight crowds for a giant pickle. Here's the exciting part... I DO! I know I'm kinda weird that way. I feel bad for the crowd loving situations I get my poor husband into. He doesn't like it so much but you'd never be able to tell. He takes so much in stride for me! :-)

Fair attendance was way down this year because of the stifling 100 degree weather for almost a week and a half. Imagine walking around when it feels like its 106 degrees with a dew point of 83%. Yeah, we aren't the Everglades people! We are Minnesotans and I would be bold enough to say... Usually prefer or at least accept chillier temperatures because well after all we are Minnesota! Guh! We were really lucky though. It might have been upper 70's but we went around 6 pm when things were a tad quieter and cooler. 

So here's some pictures of the great Minnesota Get Together. 

You HAVE to visit the Poultry Barn. I laughed so hard at some of the goofy birds in there. Here's a little dude with a top hat worth a picture. I'll have to tell you about the chicken I had growing up that looked just like this. Spoiler alert? He thought he was an ostrich! No kidding!!

DJ loves piggies. He had quite a few of them head over heels in love with him. Hey!! Mind your manners Miss Piggy! He's mine! 

Oh and the goats. Scratchy, scratchy under the chin. Mmm. That feels nice! A little over to the left please? Yeah... 

Here I am in line for my giant pickle! It was giant too! I'll have to snag the photo evidence from DJ's phone. It was a gut buster that's for sure. Mmm! 

Mmm! Scotch Egg. If you've never had one before try one next time! Its a hard boiled egg wrapped in spicy sausage. This one was huge! Like the size of a baseball. With a little mustard? Divine! Oh and look at that handsome man's wiskers will yeah? Mighty fine. Mighty fine! ;-)

Of course you have to go on a ride at the State Fair! But we are an old fashioned couple and decided to go on the Ferris Wheel. How romantic right? Only thing is we are both afraid of heights! Not sooo romantic anymore. In fact you end up with pictures like this...

And this!

We were just a little uncertain about the whole thing. We did hold hands though. Just in case. That's the romantic part. ;-) 

So that's it folks! Until next year! :-D

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