Saturday, September 21, 2013

Settling in

The weather is fair, the day is long and payday was Friday. So that means that today is a good shopping day and that's exactly what I did.

Since we moved into to our house back in May I've taken my time decorating. I've been picky about my choices because I want good quality stuff. Of course that means there is quite a bit of DIY projects and elbow grease. I have quite a few projects underway at once which keeps my busy mind from getting bored with just one. Besides... There are so many sales right now from all the summer stuff so nows the time to score big time. 

So today I found window panels, a lamp shade and pillows for my living room. I'm so excited. Every bit closer to almost having a functioning living room. A cozy one that is. I'm all about cozy and it's almost there. Almost. 

What's your weekend plans? 

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